Gaming License Curacao

Operators that acquire a Curacao gambling license are not liable to pay any tax on their revenue. Of course, all income must be foreign sourced (generated outside of the country) to benefit from this fiscal incentive and any applicable economic substance and/or permanent establishment rules must be met. This zero rate of tax is significantly lower than in many other jurisdictions. The great thing is that this is still within international rules and is fully compliant with international taxation best practices.

EMI licensed Companies

  1. An Authorised Institution in one of the prestigious jurisdictions of the EU.
  2. The price of the company includes 100% of the company’s shares.
  3. The presence of a strong team covering AML / compliance/risk management.
  4. The transaction between the buyer and the seller will be closed at the time of obtaining a license. A deposit is required, consisting of the share capital and prepayment amount.