About Company

Business consultancy and the formation of Offshore Companies, Cadebeck is an independent provide of comprehensive business advisory. 

Our core services include business consultancy and the formation of Offshore Companies across the globe. Based on our years of partnership with banks and asset managers, in all major financial centers of the world, we offer our clients comprehensive services for professional and expert consulting and fiduciary services. 

We can aid clients in acquiring ready-made companies or establishing new offshore companies worldwide, with complete financial management services in jurisdictions like Bahamas, Belize, Seychelles, UK, Nevis to mention just a few.


  • Registration and planning of international business;
  • International Tax Advisory;
  • International consulting services;
  • Advice on restructuring;
  • Asset sale advisory services;
  • Real Estate Consulting Services;
  • Support of mergers and acquisitions;
  • Audit services;‬‬
  • Attorney services;
  • Accompanying the opening of bank accounts and acquiring;
  • Accompanying the receipt of licenses for gambling activities;
  • Support of obtaining licenses for forex activities;
  • Accompanying the receipt of financial licenses;
  • Support of obtaining licenses for cryptocurrencies;
  • Providing a virtual office;
  • Receiving trademarks.

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